Happiest Man in the World v/s Avg Joe

matthieu ricard happiest man in the world

Matthieu Ricard is widely regarded as the Happiest Man in the World. He is a French Microbiologist who became a Buddhist monk 30 years ago. He spends 3 months every year in a remote hermitage in Nepal with hardly any comforts we know of.

Matthieu claims his regular practice of meditation behind his happy life. He says even 20 mins a day of meditation practice has enormous benefits

A 12 yr long brain study conducted by University of Wisconsin neuroscientist Richard Davidson is the proof behind this claim. Sensors hooked on to Matthieu’s head revealed he has abnormally large capacity for happiness and very low propensity towards negativity. Matthieu’s brain produces a level of gamma waves never reported before by neuroscientists.

We can debate about the study and its findings but we can safely assume that Matthieu is amongst the happier people that this planet knows of. Traits he shows are easily amongst the widely recognised traits of happiest people that every study backs. So lets just compare how an average person fares against the big daddy of happiness, Matthieu Ricard.

Parameter Happiest Man in World Avg Person
Own a house ✖️ ✔️
Own a car ✖️ ✔️
Salary ✖️ ✔️
Definition of Happiness Way of Being More Possessions & Pleasure
Considers Happiness As a skill that can be acquired by practice As drowning daily stresses in alcohol, shopping, party, vacation etc
Being happy means Raising baseline of positive personality traits Sudden euphoric experiences
Emotional Hurt Lets go Keeps the hurt & anger for years
Relationships Warm & Caring Hot & Cold
Relationship with Nature Regular visits to parks, rivers, ocean, trees, mountains and its appreciation Doesn’t take time out with nature on regular basis
Meditation Daily Hardly
Outlook towards World Compassionate World is there to fulfil my needs
Irritation Does get irritated, but starts laughing at it soon Tends to carry it to other activities and other people
Who can be happiest? Anyone and everyone who practices meditation for 20 mins/day Chosen few
Happiness Mantra Altruism Self centeredness or

Maximising ones wealth


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Happiest Man in the World v/s Avg Person comparison is captured again this infographic


Happiest man in the World Matthieu Ricard reveals his meditation practice as the mantra


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