47 Inspiring Benefits of Meditation to get you started today

What are the Benefits of Meditation?

Regular practice of meditation will give you benefits ranging from health, spiritual, workplace productivity to better relationships. Your outlook towards life becomes positive.  And you become happier, healthier and more successful.

21st century has brought stresses in various shapes & sizes. Stressful traffic, workplace pressure, family pressures, sleep and work life imbalances….. Practice meditation regularly for a few weeks and see how you handle them better. 

People at the top in their fields have been reaping the benefits of meditation regularly.

Oprah Winfrey, Narendra Modi, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Priyanka Chopra…….. you name a top notch athlete, leader, artist and she would have been practicing some form of meditation. Meditation is one key life skill that is making them thrive, not strive.

15 Health Benefits of Meditation

Numerous Medical studies have revealed that stress is the biggest health problem in humans. And stress manifests itself in the form of various diseases. Meditation has health benefits which reach almost all organs and body functions, since it reduces stress. Regular practice of meditation affects following

health benefits of meditation by oprah winfrey


  1. Increases Immunity
  2. Increases Energy Levels
  3. Better Sleep
  4. Reduces Depression symptoms
  5. Reduces Anxiety & Stress levels
  6. Helps in Losing Weight by increasing metabolism
  7. Helps manage ADHD
  8. Reduces Blood Pressure
  9. Reduces Heart disease & Stroke
  10. Reduces Brain problems
  11. Lessens Premenstrual Symptoms
  12. Helps prevent Arthritis
  13. Helps reduce Alcohol & substance abuse
  14. Helps in Pain management
  15. Reduces emotional eating leading to reduction in obesity and fat

7 Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

You dont have to go to Himalayas to gain the spiritual benefits of meditation. Deepak Chopra, Russell Brand, Sachin Tendulkar have all connected with deeper levels of consciousness. They learnt simple meditation techniques right in the middle of hectic careers and benefitted in balancing work and spiritual lives beautifully. Regular meditation leads to

spiritual benefits of meditation

  1. Increase in happiness levels
  2. Helps appreciate life more
  3. Reduces mood swings
  4. Helps Connection with Consciousness or Higher Source
  5. For Religious people, meditation makes them appreciate and practice their religion even better
  6. Enhances Self Esteem & Self Acceptance
  7. Improves overall Emotional Quotient

7 Benefits of Meditation at Work & Personal Productivity

Arianna Huffington, Bill Ford, Rupert Murdoch and top CEOs at Fortune 500 companies meditate regularly because it

workplace productivity increases with meditation

  1. Helps you focus on task & helps in decision making
  2. Improves concentration levels for a longer time
  3. Improves IQ
  4. Improves memory
  5. Increases creativity
  6. Increases ability to deliver under stress
  7. Adds more hours to day despite taking 30-40 mins of your day

7 Benefits of Meditation on Relationships

Actress Cameron Diaz says meditation is the starting point for excellent relationships. A calmer mind is more accepting towards others. You will feel improved relations with your partner, friends & family, and colleagues at workplace. Regular meditation leads to

meditaion leads to better relationships with family, friends & colleagues

  1. Positive social connections with others
  2. Improvements in empathy
  3. Lower reactions and better communication
  4. More forgiving you. Forgiving is one of the greatest gifts you can offer someone.
  5. Reduction in feelings of loneliness
  6. Increase in trust levels
  7. Enhanced intuition

11 Benefits of Meditation for Students

Students in school and college life are going through immense change and great peer pressure. Its one of the most unsettling times in their lives. Students can reap benefits of guided meditation as its a easier stepping stone into higher practices. Stress and host of other related symptoms in students can be managed well using meditation which leads to

students stress level decrease with meditation

  1. Reduced depression symptoms
  2. Better social skills
  3. Reduced stress and anxiety levels
  4. Better sleep levels
  5. Increase in optimism towards life
  6. Increase in Happiness levels and overall well being
  7. Better relationships with parents
  8. Increase in Self Esteem
  9. Lesser hostility and conflicts with peers
  10. Reduction in substance abuse
  11. Overall improvement in academic performance

Meditation Techniques

There are numerous techniques that can simplify your introduction to meditation. You need to assess which technique will work better for your personal self. We are listing only the prominent meditation techniques which have benefitted millions of people

  1. Guided Meditations – There are numerous Guided Meditation apps in Google Playstore & Appstore. Start with free versions and eventually you may choose to buy the one you like the most.
  2. Follow Bloggers – Bloggers like Leo Babauta will introduce you to simple techniques
  3. Transcendental Meditation – Widely recognised as one of the easiest meditation techniques across the globe. You will have to call up a TM teacher in your area and learn the technique personally with her
  4. Vipassana MeditationFind a center near your town and go for a 10 day beginners retreat
  5. Mindfulness Meditation – Start with one of the beginners books in the comfort of your home. Books by Vietnese monk Thich Naht Hanh are beneficial for beginners
  6. Kriyas by Art of Living – Find a 4 day beginners Happiness Program near your city for a
  7. Inner Engineering – Register for an online course by Isha Foundation

Now what are you waiting for, find that silent room and just breathe 🙂

Hear it from the Happiest Man in the World Matthieu Ricard on how meditation impacts happiness levels.

Which of the above is a reason enough for you to start meditation? Or started you into meditation. Lets hear your story for benefit for others in the comments section below.

And lastly here’s the summary of meditation benefits in the form of an infographic. Do share for good karma 🙂

infographic on meditation benefits

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